The Distributed open reliable systems analysis lab (DORSAL) is part of the Software engineering and computer engineering department of École Polytechnique de Montréal.

Research done at the lab concentrates on improving the performance, reliability and resilience of distributed, cloud and multi-core systems. Very close to the industry, the DORSAL has several partners and collaborators including EricssonGoogleEfficiOSRecherche et développement pour la défense CanadaIBMAMDRed HatNovellDebianCiena, and the Eclipse Foundation.

The results of the research conducted at the DORSAL are made available to everyone through open source software for Linux and other platforms. For example, the LTTng project is a direct consequence of this research. In addition, several enhancements to the Linux kernel are now part of the mainline kernel distribution (markers, tracepoints). Furthermore, SuSE Linux, Ubuntu, and Debian have included in their distribution some of the software developed at the DORSAL.